Divas (Piano songbook pdf)

Partituras (piano, voz y acordes):

A Garden In The Rain [Vaughan, Sarah]                              
 A Nightingale Can Sing The Blues [Lee, Peggy] 
 Big Spender [Bassey, Shirley]       
 But Beautiful [Day, Doris]          
 Cute [Ann-margret]                    
 Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend [Monroe, Marilyn]  
 Diga Me [Clooney, Rosemary]      
 Don't Worry 'Bout Me [Holiday, Billy]   
 Fine And Mellow (My Man Don't Love Me) [Simone, Nina]              
 Goodnight Sweetheart [Vaughan, Sarah]         
 I Ain't Got Nobody (And There's Nobody Cares For Me) [Clooney, Rosemary]                               
 I'm Beginning To See The Light [Fitzgerald, Ella]             
 Keep Smiling, Keep Laughing, Be Happy [Day, Doris]      
 Lovin' Spree [Ann-margret]      
 Manana (Is Good Enough For Me) [Lee, Peggy]                            
 Rock Me To Sleep [Lee, Peggy]               
 Show Me The Way To Get Out Of This World ('cause That's Where Everything Is) [Lee, Peggy]                             
 Take Me To Your Heart Again (La Vie En Rose) [Piaf, Edith]       
 The End Of The World [London, Julie]                 
 The Lonesome Road [London, Julie]    
 The Music Goes Round And Around [Fitzgerald, Ella]                  
 Time Out For Tears [Washinton, Dinah]             

 Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams (And Dream Your Troubles Away) [Vaughan, Sarah]              


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